Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A New Look and a New Blog

Blogging is new to me, although writing, journaling, musing, pondering and generally philosophising about anything and everything has long been a part of my life.  I'm not entirely sure what I plan to put here but I hope it will be interesting or entertaining and hopefully both. I imagine a lot of what I will write about here will be my adventures in estate sale hopping and shopping and the treasures I bring home, clean up and research.  I have found it to be wonderfully fun, fascinating and endlessly inspiring and I hope you will too.

What you won't find here?  Well you won't find dozens of pictures of gorgeous 20 somethings in wonderful teeny tiny vintage wear looking all chic and stylish.  More like a 40 something in a vintage scarf because those come in my size.  

You also won't see pictures of my fabulous vintage house with a big front porch, wood floors and cotton sheets billowing in the breeze in the back yard.  I don't have one of those. I have a two bedroom apartment in the city.   It's a lovely apartment with lots of windows, a cute patio, berber carpet and faux woodgrain vinyl flooring.  So my pictures won't have a nostalgic white wood framed window in the background.  They will have mini blinds.

But what can I say. I suspect a lot of people who love vintage lives lives a lot like mine.  We can't all live a "retro" life so some of us, like me, live it one treasure at a time.  So I guess for my very first blog I'll finish up with a few pics of my life so you'll have a better idea of what to expect if you decide to come back.

 This is my studio.  Yeah! I finally have an actual studio.  An entire room of the home completely devoted to creating.  These pictures were taken shortly after I moved the studio from the spare room to the Master bedroom. Who needs all that space in a bedroom anyway?  It was tidy then *sigh*

These are my helpers, Pete and Petter.  Pepper was lounging on the patio after a hard day of napping and Peter is checking inventory.   I'm not sure how helpful they are, but they work cheap.

A few pics of my patio garden.  I decided to take a stab at caring for plants.  I've not had much luck in the past but the patio was so empty.  I'm really glad I did because all summer long the patio looked beautiful.  I did lose some plants, like this gorgeous blue one in the above pic, but most survived.

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