Saturday, January 29, 2011

Estate Sale Extravaganza!

O boy! This was a good week. The first sale I went to was the home of a woman who I would have had a LOT in common with.  She LOVED sewing and needlework her house was filled with sewing, quilting, needlepoint, tatting, embroidery and crochet supplies of all kinds.  She had two rooms filled with fabric and notions and more fabric in the garage, quilting frames, two sewing machines and a Serger, embroidery hoops, a huge thread holder and tons of needlepoint canvas and rolls and rolls of stabilizer and backing and batting and .....  you get the idea. This ladies home was a shrine to her hobbies, kind of like mine.  I was in heaven. 

The next sale was a family run sale, which are always nice because I get the chance to actually meet and talk to the family a little bit.  This ladies two sons had come to town to sell her estate and she was a collector. She had a lot of vintage items and some terrific artwork. One of my favorite items was the Santa made from a gourd. Her sons mentioned they remembered that Santa being in the house. I told them how cute I thought it was and hope they know her things are going to homes where they will be treasured.

Between the two sales I had one of the biggest lots I'd ever purchased. It took three trips in from the truck to get it all up to my apartment.  It's going to take quite a while to get everything sorted out and photographed, but in the meantime I wanted to take some pictures of the whole lot as it looked when I got it home. This is going to be SO much fun!!!
The big basket in the back is completely full of vintage linens. I can't wait to sort through it all.

I only bought about a third of the tatting thread at this sale.

I told them there was a lot of old vintage Christmas stuff and if they would put it out where people could find it, they could probably get more money for it.  They responded that people go to estate sales for bargains and if we do the digging, we get the deal! That works for me!


  1. Wow you did hit the mother load,,awesome..I drove by an estate sale saturday but we had a cranky 2yr old with us so we didnt stop..found your post on etsy,,just became a new follower..hey I am having a give away on my blog come check it

  2. looks like a great lot! i have to confess that the stove top perkalator looks exactly like the one my mom used to make my parents morning coffee in!!! thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories :) have a happy day!!!

  3. Oh, wow! Very inspiring clutters! Can't wait to see what you'll make of these!

    I found your blog in the Etsy forum. Regarding your lack of folllowers, I wouldn't really worry about it. Many people read blogs, bookmark their favourites, etc., without actually 'following' anyone. Me, for instance. Instead, I have created a blog-roll of my favourite fellow bloggers on my own site, but I don't even know how this 'follow' feature works, really.

    Keep up the good work. Lovely blog! :-)

  4. Wow - all looks amazing and alot of fun!

  5. Hi all, thanks for the comments. I'll be sure to check out your blogs. I made my way through the pile and it was a blast! I was deliriously happy. (I guess I'm easily amused).

    Saw some great ideas for scraps on Everything Etsy so now all I need is time to do them!

  6. These are awesome finds! I really want to start going to estate sales, but I worry that I would come home with more stuff than I can handle!! :)