Saturday, February 12, 2011

My New Painting

I discovered auctions a couple of months ago. I was instantly hooked. I love the rush of bidding and being able to get a close look at all the wonderous treasures and trinkets. It's just such a fun, exciting environment, I can't get enough even if I don't get to buy a lot of items, it's still a thrill.  

Last night I attended my fourth auction. As usual I was there for the box lots, hoping I could score a good box I could sell for a nice profit.  Those always come last so I mostly just sit and watch as the furniture and rugs and silver and glass gets sold for far more than I can afford.  

Last night I was playing a rousing game of Angry Birds on my phone as lot after lot of Morgan Silver Dollars and Judith Lieber mirrors, Federal style chairs and Stickley Dining sets were paraded by.  But while I was sort of half way paying attention I noticed some very astonishing sales taking place.  The above mentioned Stickley Dining set sold for $200!! A Stickley!! Full set!! It was unbelievable.  More and more and more items were being presented and were selling for a pittance! A huge mahogany wardrobe for $150, a handmade area rug for $30, a full set of French decorated servingware for $45.  hmmmmmmm 

I began to think I might have a chance at some of the pieces I'd admired so I started to keep a better eye on things.  Angry Birds can wait!  

I had spotted a couple of pieces of art that I really liked, one of them an oil painting that appeared to have some age to it. I wasn't sure, and didn't really look closely (because I assumed I had no chance of taking it home) but I guessed it to be at least 70-80 years old. I really liked it.  The colors were perfect for my decor and it had an impressionist style to it that I liked.  

The piece came up.  Do I hear $100?? No... DO I hear $90, $80, $75, $60, $50..... OMG! What was happening here, could I possibly get this painting for $50??  I waited a little longer for someone to jump in... and waited.... $40, $30,  $20   YUUUUP! A bid!!    $20 I have $20 do I hear $30, do I hear $30, anyone for $30eeeeee and just before the gavel fell at $20...

Up flew my card. YUUUUP! $30, I have $30, do I hear $40, anyone at $40, do we have $40, anyone for $40 (which seemed to be repeated endlessley) I kept looking around the room waiting for the $40. This couldn't be happening.  This beautiful oil painting could not possibly be selling for $30, there has to be a mistake!  SOLD for $30!  to....   I looked around to make sure it was me. My head was spinning, maybe I'd gotten it wrong and it wasn't me.... 
Here it is. I know that's a long story just to show off a painting but I guess I had to explain why I wanted to show it off.

But it was!!   Sheepishly I held up my card and my number.  That beautiful painting was mine. I couldn't believe it. I almost cried. (but I didn't) But I did proudly carry it home and even make a second trip out to the truck to get it at 1:00 AM.  Even though I was pooped I couldn't wait to get a better look at it.  It's even better than I remembered and now it's hanging proudly in my living room.    


  1. Congratulations! That's such a fun experience - and a beautiful painting to come home with.

  2. Next stop - Antique Road Show - way to go Elise!!

  3. Now I want to know who painted it? I guess that doesn't matter, but I'd like to know who wielded those brushes to create such beauty. Oh, my dear, you did quite well! I'm so happy for you!