Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hug Your Mom

Before I left work on Friday my boss came by. I looked up from my work to see her standing at the door of my office. 

"Enjoy your Mother's Day with your Mom", she told me. 

I began to respond with the standard response but inside thinking, well it's Mother's Day for me too and what I really want to do is just lounge around and I don't want to have to drive across town and spend my day hanging out with my Mom talking about all the same stuff we always talk about.  After all I have a busy weekend I have to put up the new booth and I have stuff to ship and listings and it's only two days and it's never enough and......then I remembered. 

My boss lost her Mom last year....and I realized what she was really saying....and then I felt ashamed. This was her first Mother's Day without her Mother. I bit back my tears and nodded and told her "yes, I will".  

When I got to my car I burst into tears.  I knew my boss would give anything to be able to spend Mother's Day with her Mom, to hug her, to hear her voice, to laugh with her, even to talk about the sames things one more time.  I realized how much my Mom meant to me and how much she has always done for me and how sad and lost I would feel if she wasn't there on Mother's Day. 

Suddenly the drive across town didn't seem so far and everything I needed to do was quite unimportant. I couldn't think of anything I needed to do that was more important than giving my Mom a big hug and telling her "I love you". 


  1. That is a very touching post.
    I never appreciate my Mum enough.
    It isn't Mother's Day here - we had it a while ago. My Mum spent it in Cyprus but I did speak to her and sent a card. I should try to appreciate her more and I'll phone her today now I've read this.
    I hope you both have a lovely day. Hugs to you both.

  2. Thanks for that very important reminder. Happy Mother's Day to you both!

  3. Teared up reading this today. Thank you for sharing and keeping us all in check!

  4. I was stressed about today too since I am a mom and have lots to do as well. This post made me tear too! I love my mom!

  5. It's true that we rarely appreciate what we have until it's lost. I remember an older friend commenting to me many years ago after hearing me complain about my mom doing something. She said, "Just be glad you still have her." My first thought was, "Mind your own business, you old bitty." (Of course, I didn't say it out loud!) What can I say, I was young and stupid and still shopping with my Mom. I miss her today.

  6. I'm glad you remembered. I don't have my mother either. And it's hard.

    My mother-in-law, however, is a fabulous Mom too so I have been twice blessed.

  7. Thanks for sharing this story with us....

  8. Happy (late) mother's day, this was a lovely post and, like others tugged at my heart strings. Thank goodness for Moms!!!