Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introducing Ella!

I've never been totally sold on my banner image for my Etsy shop OR my blog, but when I got started things were moving so fast I didn't have time to work on it.  I love the pic because it's kind of weird, but it seems a little sleepy and strange sooo... I started looking around for a better image and reading and digging and trying to figure out what kind of image would best suit my somewhat eclectic and not always cohesive style. It was quite a struggle and I can't say it was going well at all. I just couldn't seem to settle on anything. 

This is Ella after a lot of clean up.
Anyway, to make the story a little shorter because that part of it is not really that interesting.... I was sorting through some vintage books and papers when I was working on my ephemera give away and I came across an image of Ella and I knew right then she was going to be my new spokesperson. She had a perfect mixture of childlike glee with a little sass thrown in and a lovely art nouveau/deco charm.  Perfect!
This going to be my Etsy banner

It was a lot of work because the illustration was old and cheaply printed to begin with, but I think Ella cleans up nicely.  The illustration was black and white so I added a little color, simplified it a bit and voila! Ella is ready for her big debut.

Ad box

I'd love to get some feedback to make sure I'm on the right track before I spend the rest of the day working her into my marketing materials, blog banner etc... Here's what I have so far. Please let me know what you think.


  1. I like Ella, I think she's cute. I do like the way you made the words contrast on top of her for your ad box.

  2. Thanks Sher- appreciate the feedback. I worked on the ad a little more so the text shows up better. It was a little thin.

  3. i LOVE it!!!! Ella is perfect!

    i'm a new follower. found you on Etsy Blog Team

    kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE

  4. I think she's great! And a bit sassy! And I like her bow hanging on the "D" : )

  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I guess you can see I went ahead and took the plunge! I think Ella will be right at home here.