Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Some Stories Just Have to be Told

One of the reasons I love vintage items so much is because I love to imagine the stories that go with them.  Everything has a life and was a part of another life in another time. I often wonder what those lives were like, who were the people who owned these things before me and what part did this object play in their lives.  Sometimes there are only blanks and I have to fill them all in with my imagination and sometimes the stories reveal themselves.  

I had purchased a lot of old photographs and postcards. I sorted through them casually and put them aside for another time.  Last week I picked them up again and I found two photos of a couple, one in casual clothes in a garden, another in the same garden, but this time she was in her wedding dress and he in a suit.  I don't know what made me look at the back, usually I don't bother, there is rarely anything there, but I turned it over, and that's when the story took shape. 

Here's the happy couple, and here's the writing on the back:
To a Pal

The day I was married June 8, 1940 at Niagara Falls on Saturday P.M. 2.  her home flower and rock garden.  Was married in Methodist church 2 o'clock.

Mr. and Mrs. Newell Robinson

This is the happy couple before they were married.

This is the back:

It reads:

Mr. and Mrs. Newell Robinson  Married June 8 1940.  My wife died July 12, 1940.  The sweater I have on my wife made for me before our marriage.

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