Friday, January 14, 2011

Tough Week

It's been a tough week. Januarys are always this way.  Things at work get busy and I have to talk to a lot of grouchy people and that makes me grouchy.  I don't like being grouchy. I kind of like to be cheerful and positive and to have a good attitude. It makes things easier. 

So, it wasn't an easy week.  I'm tired.

I came home and watched Judge Judy on DVR. I always like watching Judge Judy because she gets to say all the things to stupid people that I don't get to say.  "What, are you stupid or just playing stupid?"  "You're an idiot",  "There's something wrong with you!".  **sigh**  She has the best job in the world. 

So the favorite part of my week is the end when I get to go to estate sales and hunt for more treasures to put in my shop.  I got off work a little early today so I decided to stop at a sale on my way home. I had coffee with a friend from work and then stopped in at a sale I found online.  They called it a "hoarder" sale so I thought it would be terrific. 

The first room was a little bare, but that happens sometimes. It was 25% off so that meant it started on Thursday so I expected it to be a little picked over.  I headed out to the garage where I was greeted with piles and piles and piles and piles of clothes on tables.  So many clothes and lots of them still had tags! I couldn't believe all the clothes! I picked through it a little but they were all 2x and 3x and nothing vintagy. Bummer, I went back in the house.

A box of purses. OK, now we have lift off. I dug through it a little and there were some very nice purses, again many with tags still on them. I looked around to see how much they were but when I saw the sign my heart sank "PURSES IN THIS BOX $40" .  The purse I was looking at had a tag on it for $14.95.


I headed back to the bedrooms.  Mistake. I was greeted in one room by bins and bins and bins and bins of bras and underwear.  Yup, you got it, tags still on them.  HUGE granny panties.  Vanity Fair.  See there's just nothing that exciting about Vanity Fair just because it's Vanity Fair. Bras in a 42DDD! 

I looked around a little more and found some more purses for $20 each.  At least one had a tag for $17.95.  A table full of greeting cards, none of them older than a few years, a box of socks, a bunch of eyeglass holders, shoes, some really crummy jewelry and some other junk. 

So I decided to go to another sale.

I turned left onto Coit and headed toward the highway, but on the way I decided to take Hillcrest instead so I turned right.  Only I should have turned right on Coit so when I turned right on Hillcrest I ended up in Plano a really, really long way from where I intended to be.  So I decided to GPS it and when I put the address in my phone I realized it was the same sale I went to last week!  They had found some more stuff so they added on another weekend. 


So I figured out where I was and decided to take Preston over to the sale but since I live on Preston I had to pass my apartment and the closer I got the more I just wanted to go home.  So I did.

Some weeks are just tough and that's just the way it is.

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