Monday, May 30, 2011

Time or Money??

Why can't I have both? Doesn't seem quite fair to me.  I was chugging along, doing quite well in my little vintage business with hardly a moment to spare. Between buying, cleaning, repairing, researching, photographing, listing and packing I had hardly a moment for anything else.   NO blogging, NO promoting, NO housework (ewwwww), NO socializing....just work, work, work but..... the extra cash was great.  

Oh but then I hit the proverbial BRICK WALL.  Everything crashed and burned in March.  Sales didn't just slow, they came to a dead stop!  But I had a lot of time on my hands.  Hmmmmm, time is good. 

I finally got to work on all that stuff I didn't have time for.  I hauled out my dusty blog and started adding articles routinely, I blog hopped and reworked my graphics.  I read other blogs and followed back and actually got to know some people. It was a lot of fun.  So much time, it was luxurious, but.....the money..... O Dear! My checking account was gaunt!  So I quit buying, quit listing, and cut back everywhere I could (which of course created even more time) and then just when I was getting comfy in front of the TV.... THINGS PICKED UP! 

My scrawny little checkbook is starting to put on some weight  and I'm back to actually buying and listing and working into an exhausted frenzy but.... what about my blog?  What has happened to it?  It's left to fend for itself.  That's where. All that work and now my poor little blog is abandoned in cyberspace.  It seems I cannot manage to both blog and sell stuff.  Soooo for a little while at least, I guess blogging will have to take a back seat.

But I still have time for philosophizing.  You see, there is a space/time continuum and since time is money I guess that means there is a space/time/money continuum.  It appears there is a finite amount of "Timey" in my universe and it can manifest itself as time, OR money but not both (I could actually use some "space" too but I'll take what I can get).  It's just one of those fundamental laws of physics.  Whatever.   I'll leave this up to Star Trek to figure out. In the meantime I have stuff to pack.


  1. Well I guess if you can't have both money is the better option. Thats what pays for the food, gas and all those other necessities of life! Glad to hear things picked up for you!

    New follower on you blog from Etsy. Guess I'll read you when you dust off the ol blog again =)

  2. I hear ya!!!! My blog was pretty scary for awhile there.......... I decided it was just better to start OVER! (little crazy sounding I know.. :P)