Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Family Tree

I've had this old photo for years.  I used to have it hanging in my living room because I liked the antique look of it.  It belonged to my Grandmother, so I supposed there was a relative of mine somewhere in the picture, but I never really looked at it. So yesterday as I was cleaning it up, my son and I got to looking through the various characters. And, oh boy, did we have a lot of comments.  

So this guy, wow! Does he look dastardly or what?  He looks like a villian out of an old melodrama, twisting his handlebar mustache as the flailing damsel is tied up on the railroad tracks.  Seriously, he does, doesn't he?  

And then this guy, standing over him, looks like a scheming banker.  My son decided that this guy looks like the one that gave dastardly his instructions.

This guy looks like the goofy lovable inventor. Kind of like a 1906 version of Christopher Loyd.

This guy looks like Prince Charles.  Wonder if they are related. 

These two guys are the edge of the photo are down right creepy.  This end of the photo is a little blurry and there is something out of place about these two. They kind of look like eerie ghosts that don't belong in the picture at all and the shorter curly haired guy just looks evil.  

Then we get to this guy.  My son points him out and we decide that he looks like a drunk.  So this guy is the Otis of the picture.  The town drunk or the one in the movies that has the audience laughing as he falls of his bike trying to get home from the bar. HAHAHA we laugh at our cleverness.  

So now that we've spent a good ten minutes trash talking a lot of people who are long dead I figure I ought to see which one of this motley crew I am related to.  The photo is from my Grandmothers side of the family and I was raised on stories that I am related to Daniel Boone and that my great grandfather was a sheriff in Wichita and was in the newspaper many times and met Teddy Roosevelt etc.... So I started looking through the list at the bottom for a familiar name to see which of my illustrious relatives was depicted here.  

Is it the tall, dashing man at the top, or perhaps the well dressed gentleman on the right, or maybe even the goofy inventor?  I really hope it's not dastardly.... 

I found the name Boone, on the list, third row, 5th person.....uh oh, wait a minute, this can't be right.... maybe I need to start from the top and work down instead... oh wait, 5 rows, 3rd is the middle no matter if I start from the top or bottom...... yup, that's him, I am related to the town drunk.  Sigh


  1. Haha!! Love this post. Old pictures are great.... especially the storymaking! :)

  2. Wonderful story, and such great characters to work with. I see from Etsy that you are back in to blogging - I hope to see a lot more from you, I will definitely be checking back!


  3. Too funny!! I share your love of vintage!! Just became your newest follower! :)
    PS. love your banner!

  4. Hahahaha, that's hysterical! I loved your descriptions and totally agree!

  5. ... but THE ROSES !? what's with the roses they all have pinned on their coats?
    They are sharp dressers, but it doesn't look like a wedding group - a mens' club? the roses need a story.

    (Red Nomad in OZ sent me here so blame her if you think I am snippy)

  6. Red Nomad sent me, too, and I'm so glad she did, this story made me laugh out loud.
    Also -- I think we're related. I have rellies that look JUST LIKE THAT.

  7. Hello new followers! *waves* Thanks for checking out my blog.