Sunday, November 14, 2010

Frozen Faces

I decided to go ahead and sell my little collection of Penny Dolls. I picked them up at an estate sale about six months ago. I had the idea to make some polymer clay molds out of them but I ran out of time long before I ran out of ideas. So when I clean the closets, I'm not just cleaning out "things" but all the plans and ideas that go with them.  

But anyway, back to the original story....  I decided to sell the collection so of course I had to take some pictures and that's where things got a little crazy. I found these little guys (and gals) make wonderful photographic subjects.  So all of a sudden my plans changed.  Instead of taking a few pics to post on Ebay I'm now creating intriguing still life vignettes with these little frozen charms. 

So now the next step is to Photoshop these pics to see what I can come up with and ummm..... I really hope I don't run out time before I run out of ideas!

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