Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pattern Mania Part 1

I only do a little sewing. It's not my strongest suit as a craftsperson.  Even so I can't seem to stop myself from buying vintage sewing patterns whenever I find them.  I love the idea of recreating something exactly as it was when the fashion was new.

My first big find was a treasure trove of 1940's Vogue patterns. I was so excited to find these because they don't show up very often.
I really love the militaristic tailoring of this suit. Obviously influenced by the war.

This dress is absolutely stunning. It's one of the later patterns in this group but I loved the raglan style sleeve with the tightly fitted waist and full 1950's style skirt. 

I thought this nightgown had a wonderful classic elegance to it.

Love this dress. Especially in the flower print pattern.  I can imagine attending an elegant 1940's garden party in this dress.

Another patten with the strong influence of military uniforms.  The fuller skirt shows the transition from 1940's to 1950's fashion.

This dress is gorgeous and quite unique in the collar design. 

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