Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pattern Mania Part 3

I've got a few more terrific vintage patterns to share. I have a couple more stashed away that I haven't taken pictures of yet so I'll try to get those up next week.  I hope you've enjoyed looking as much as I've enjoyed posting.

They look so much better here than in the box on a shelf!

I love this super sexy slim fitting rockabilly style dress. 

Great classic June Cleaver 1950's style dress. My favorite is the red, white and blue with the tulip. I would wear that!

Another beautiful 1950's style dress with classic fitted waist and flared skirt.  Love the "little black dress".  It would be just as perfect today as it was then.

Three versions of an adorable little day dress.  Two different types of sleeve or a sleeveless version.  This pattern has a lot of versatility.

One of my favorites! I love the adorable navy collar.  All three styles are super cute!

Two beautiful patterns of a similar style late 1950's or early 1960's wedding dress.  It features the short waisted fitted top with a bell shaped skirt. 

A beautiful classic Audry Hepburn style dress.  It's so perfectly chic and elegant, it's as lovely today as it was then.

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