Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fabric Scrap Extravaganza!

In an odd twist of fate, this weeks storm of the century (or half century as is more accurate) was the final leg of a series of happy coincidences that resulted in these fun, fabulous fabric brooches.

Last weekend in a complete ecstatic frenzy of estate sale buying I picked up several bags stuffed with fabric scraps. I wasn't entirely sure what to do with them because of late I'd been spending so much time on my vintage business I'd had very little time to do any crafts.  I'd been kind of missing my old crafty self but between buying and cleaning and repairing and researching and photographing and listing and marketing..... well crafting just wasn't on the menu.  
But just a few days later Everything Etsy had a terrific blog article on ideas for using fabric scraps.  The ideas were simple and colorful, and one in particular really caught my eye.  I thought these little hair pins from Craftstylish were adorable and a perfect  use for some of the really tiny scraps I had.  Still finding the time to sit down and work on a project, even one as simple as this, was going to be tricky.  Between working full time and launching my vintage business there were weeks I wasn't even getting my laundry done! 

So it was quite a coup when the "storm of the century" gave me the time off I've been needing. The first day I spent diving into marketing my Etsy shop and my blog and trying to get a grip on online network marketing. (I'm getting there).  The second day I spent obsessively organizing and cleaning and working on getting my apartment to look less like a warehouse and more like a home.  The third day we went in for a half day and the fourth day.... 

I made these.
This is one of my favorites. I love the patterns of these fabrics. 

I added a few of my own touches. Some vintage tatting and some leaves.

I cut my circles in different sizes and used pinking shears for some to change the look a little.


  1. You have a VERY pretty blog, Divine!

    Welcome to the Promotional Frenzy Team. I just followed you and hope you'll do the same.

  2. I simply love your blog and your pics! glad you joined our Etsy Blog group!

  3. Oh my gosh you should see the amount of fabric scraps that I have!! Lovely blog by the way!

  4. can you tell me how to access your DIY on how to make these? Great pictures! I'd love a tutorial on how to do them. :-)

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